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Seniors and Grads

This is a time in life when you’ve accomplished a major goal and you have a seemingly limitless future before you.

At Carolyn Huff Photography, we view your senior or graduation portrait as a celebration of all you’ve done and all you hope to do. Your portrait art image can include something or some place that shows your interests and passion for life. Whether that’s a musical instrument, car, animal, etc., we use it to portray you in a unique way.

Senior portraits can be done in our studio or on location.  To help you look your best, we can connect you with a makeup and hair stylist.   Your session will be focused on your best traits, emphasizing the things that make you special.  During your portrait session, you may wear different outfits or choose different locations, according to your budget and needs. We want to make your portrait something that you and your family will love. During your ordering session, you can choose a custom set of portrait art prints that will be tailored specifically to your needs. Additionally, our studio also offers several options for your print needs including personalized announcements, invitations, and thank you cards.  If you need something special, just ask! We will work with you to come up with a solution!

Call Carolyn Huff Photography today for your complimentary consultation. Together we can show the world what a treasure you are! To schedule your design consultation, call: 209-918-6627 today!