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Carolyn Huff, M.A., Portrait Artist

About Carolyn Huff

Modesto California

Photographer and Mixed Media Portrait Artist

Portrait Studio and Art Gallery


in downtown Modesto California.  

Carolyn Huff comes from a long line of photographers. She received her first camera at age six–a Kodak Instamatic!  Carolyn grew up in Modesto, graduating from Modesto Junior College and California State University Stanislaus. While she was in high school, Carolyn enrolled in photography classes and experienced the “magic” of developing film in the darkroom. She prefers to compose through the lens, creating art by painting with light and shadow. She worked for several years in area schools as a Speech Language Pathologist.  Working with students with special needs and their parents, she developed a knack for listening to people and helping them to express themselves in the best way possible.  

In 2015, Carolyn opened Carolyn Huff Photography Studio and Gallery, located in downtown Modesto.   The gallery is a partner with the Modesto Art Walk, displaying work from local artists each month. 

Carolyn loves listening to the stories people tell about their life.  As a portrait artist, Carolyn Huff sits down with each new client to discuss how they want to be portrayed. This teamwork helps create unique portrait art that will truly reflect each client's style.  The portrait planning meeting helps create a memory for you that will hang on your wall and in your heart for years to come. Most of our “clients” walk away from their portrait session as a new friend because of the time spent together. Carolyn Huff wants to be more than just a photographer to you.  She wants to be your portrait artist and someone you can trust to capture moments of significance to you.

At Carolyn Huff Photography, our focus is you!

Come in, tell us your story, and together we’ll show the world the treasure you are!



NOUN: to paint with light. 

  1. Photography is actually the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of appreciating ‘the moment.'

ORIGIN: The word "photography" was first used in 1839.


Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America