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Your Ordering Session

at Carolyn Huff Photography

Studio and Gallery

Your ordering session is the best part!  Think of it as your favorite holiday because today you get to see your beautiful portrait art images  for  the first time!

The portrait ordering session will take place approximately 10-14 days following your portrait photographer session date. This is an in-person session in which all decision makers will need to be present. During the ordering session, you will view your images on a large screen as a slideshow-type presentation. Carolyn Huff Photography Studio does not provide an online gallery, so this session is very important! It is also very exciting, as you will get to see your beautiful portrait art images projected at an appropriate size.

During the portrait ordering session, you will have options to purchase various sizes and finishes for your wall art. Carolyn Huff Photography is pleased to offer “hand-painted” enhanced canvas portraits as one of these options. The ordering session also includes some special savings that are only available during our scheduled time together, so be prepared to order that day.

It is very important to keep distractions to a minimum during the image selection process.  Therefore, please obtain childcare for any little ones during your scheduled appointment.  If you do not have childcare, we can schedule your appointment during school time or on a different day so that you will not be distracted. The ordering session will take between one and two hours.  Plan to come and enjoy the pleasure of seeing your new portrait art!