Portrait Studio and Art Gallery

Design Consultation

at Carolyn Huff Photography

Studio and Gallery

Your design consultation is a time when we can get to know one another. We need to discuss your preferences, interests, and activities.  This information will help us create a portrait that reflects your personality. The goal is to show the ways you are unique and special. We want to focus on the things that are important to you. We will discuss your vision for the portrait, or what you want the image or images to convey to others. At this meeting, we will discuss your intention for the finished photo art image–

●The room or place you intend to display the artwork;
●Colors/textures in the surrounding area;
●Possible wardrobe options;
●Location of the session (studio; outside; or ?)
●Types of groupings (for families or other group shots)
●Whether you will need a stylist for makeup/hair
●Special circumstances or other items

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Together we can show your story, helping you treasure the most important moments for years to come.