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Celebration! Portraits

We all come to change points in our lives.  

One chapter closes and another opens.  Whatever you want to celebrate, we want to help you create a moment to remember. Whether it’s a major life event, or just that you made it through something and came out smiling, we will work together to draw out the joy inside you.  

Our Celebration! Portraits always start with a planning session. We talk about the things that are most important to you and how you want to be portrayed.  We will detail the clothing and jewelry choices that create a sense of beauty on the outside. You can also choose to have us create or obtain clothing specifically for your session or you may bring your own. Then our studio partners with local makeup and hair stylists to help you look amazing for your portrait session. We also have an option to add fresh floral garlands for your hair or other accessories.  This is your day to look and feel as special as you are!  Your portrait session is geared to help you feel beautiful in every way possible.  Your portrait photographer will take time to make sure you are comfortable and happy throughout the session. Your Celebration! Portrait is like creating a secret treasure for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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At Carolyn Huff Photography Studio, we create joy!