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In business, your image is as important as  your reputation.  Carolyn Huff Photography offers business and corporate portrait images for your:

  • website,

  • social media

  • print media,

  • commercial use.

Your portrait photographer will work with you to create a business image that will help you look great no matter the platform!

We offer both studio and location sessions for our business clients.  Call Carolyn Huff Photography today for your complimentary design consultation.

Do you have a large team needing business images?

We can accommodate you!

We are able to provide images for

  • security badges,

  • email signatures,

  • business cards,

  • brochures/fliers

  • signs/banners

  • or other informational or advertising needs.

Some of our recent clients include:

  • Beard Land Improvement

  • Brunn & Flynn Attorneys

  • Charles Waldman

  • Deonna Smith

  • George Boodrookas

  • Modesto Chamber of Commerce

  • Modesto Junior College

  • Patrick Kolasinski

  • Penny Ranson

  • Therapeutic Pathways

  • TPH Architects, INC.

  • Jeff Sutton

  • Jordi Camps

  • Western Dairymen

Call us today to set up your personalized services:

Contact Carolyn Huff Photography at 209-918-6627.