Your Family Portrait

A Family Portrait is a Gift That Lasts

Family Portrait on Canvas

Family Portrait on Canvas

Everyday, I walk by my family portrait and smile. It reminds me of a time when our family was all together, celebrating a family event that will never be repeated.

Recently, Carolyn Huff Photography was commissioned to create a portrait for a family at a pivotal change point. Their eldest daughter had just left for college and the move had been a big transition for all of them. When the parents came to talk about their vision for the portrait, we discussed a location that held a lot of memories for them and their daughters. Working together, we were able to come up with several ideas to make their vision a reality. The handcrafted canvas now hangs in their living room, a daily reminder of the joyful heritage their family shares.

Creating a timeless portrait takes planning and resourcefulness. It can bring unparalleled joy to you and your loved ones for decades. Your family is worth that. If you are ready to invest in your future joy, give us a call. Our artists can create a personalized art piece for you, reflecting the love you share. Every portrait starts with a conversation. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation to all our clients. We want to know what’s important to you and your family and how you want to be portrayed. Then you will have a treasured place in your heart that you can see every day.

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Carolyn Huff is a Certified Portrait Photographer in Modesto, CA. Creating portraits for family, home, school, or business use. Carolyn Huff Photography Studio and Gallery is located in downtown Modesto, California. We create photography portrait art in our studio or on location. Call 209-918-6627 for a complimentary consultation.