When Later Doesn't Happen

When Later Doesn’t Happen
Sometimes, it’s okay to put off doing something important.  Most of the time, however, this is not a good plan. Taxes, car maintenance, medical visits, graduation, a wedding.  You can ignore deadlines, but you may experience a personal loss if you do.  

It’s often that way with portraits.  We think, “I’ll wait until my baby is born . . . goes to Kindergarten . . . graduates . . . gets married . . . has kids . . .  You know how it goes.  Soon, those precious moments are gone and the time to create a portrait of that period in your life is also gone, never to return.

Creating a portrait of your family, you as a couple, or just of yourself is an investment that you make in your future.  At Carolyn Huff Photography, our desire is to create art work with you that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  It all starts with a conversation.  We sit down with you and discuss how you would like to be portrayed, including the people and other important things you would like included.  It’s all about you! If you would like to start a conversation about creating your portrait, call us today.  

We offer a complimentary consultation to all new clients. You may reach us at 209-918-6627.

Carolyn Huff is a Certified Portrait Photographer in Modesto, CA. Creating portraits for family, home, school, or business use. Carolyn Huff Photography Studio and Gallery is located in downtown Modesto, California. We create photography portrait art in our studio or on location. Call 209-918-6627 for a complimentary consultation.