Fine Art Portraits on Watercolor

Custom Art Work for Your Home or Business

Commission us to create personalized custom art for your home or business—

Are you looking for a way to decorate your home or office with personal, handcrafted artwork? When you commission us to create your one-of-a-kind portrait art, we count it a privilege! Our handcrafted wall decor will transform your walls into a joyous space. Imagine years from now, being able to recapture a moment of joy or achievement as you gaze upon a beautifully well-made portrait art piece.

At Carolyn Huff Photography, our artists take time to combine both traditional methods and current styles into a work of art that will be bringing you and your family or business visual pleasure for decades. Fine art portraits are created using time-honored skills on both watercolor and canvas media. Your artwork can be hand finished in either clear acrylic gel, lending a painted “feel”, or by having oil paints or watercolors applied by our expert artists. Each portrait art piece that we craft has up to seven artists involved. This gives you unparalleled assurance that you are investing in something of great value—artwork that reflects your personal worth!

If you are interested in more than a “snapshot” for your legacy, call us today for a complimentary portrait planning session. You may reach us at 209-918-6627.

Carolyn Huff is a Certified Portrait Photographer in Modesto, CA. Creating portraits for family, home, school, or business use. Carolyn Huff Photography Studio and Gallery is located in downtown Modesto, California. We create photography portrait art in our studio or on location. Call 209-918-6627 for a complimentary consultation.