Henrietta Sparkman Art Display at Carolyn Huff Gallery

Henrietta Sparkman

Henrietta Sparkman works in a way she describes as "Visual Poetry."  Her goal in painting landscapes is to catch the essence of the scene without many details and to leave the viewer their own metaphoric interpretation. Painting en Plein aire gives the composition a unique vibrance and life.  Working on location gives the viewer the sense of the moment, of place and conditions. Capturing scenes that change over time allows the observer an opportunity for that which changes and is not always constant and reminds us to be stewards of our land and nature that is often taken for granted. Abstract work has given license to turn reality inside out and create introspective improvisations. 

Henrietta says,  "As an artist, my work covers a range of media from ceramic sculpture, printmaking, watercolor, cast bronze sculpture, painting and mixed media.  I enjoy working in different mediums as well as subject matter and find that one method of communicating transposes into another a visual message that becomes richer with time.  My art explores a personal timbre and through my eyes, may you discover your own perception and meaning."

Carolyn Huff Photography Studio and Gallery is displaying the artwork of Henrietta Sparkman now through January 2018.  The gallery also hosts a guest artist each month.  This month, we are showing the works of George Balliet.  Our gallery is a sponsor of the Modesto Art Walk.  Join us for the artist reception, Thursday, October 19, from 5-9 pm.  The gallery is located at 1224 K St., in downtown Modesto.  For more information contact: carolyn@carolyhuff.org or call 209-918-6627.


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