George Balliet, Healing through Art

George Balliet was born and raised in San Francisco, he is the fourth of seven children.  

He became a sheet metal apprentice at 14 to help support his family after his father passed away. There wasn't much time or room for self-expression so his artistic abilities were suppressed. Although he has had no formal art training he is what we would call a natural.  After suffering a near fatal heart attack in his 40's he realized how precious life is and how important it is to really LIVE. 
During that time he also became a Tai Chi Chih master, studying under Justin Stone in hopes of finding inner peace and balance and be rid of the emotions that weighed heavy on his soul. He started with pottery and became quite talented and produced some unique, beautiful pieces experimenting with color and illusions by using different glazing and firing techniques and in each and every piece he saw faces.
George has always seen faces in almost everything around him.  Faces in the clouds, faces in the carpet, faces in the cement, faces in the wood table top, faces everywhere.  He did not learn until much later in life that there is a name for this, it is called "Pareidolia"
That brings us to his drawings, he has finally found his inner peace. Through his drawings, he has been able to release the inner emotions that were buried so deep he wasn't sure he could ever reach them.  He has finally found peace and balance by pouring his energy and his soul into his drawings.

The artwork of George Balliet will be on display at Carolyn Huff Photography Gallery through October.  Carolyn Huff Gallery is located at 1224 K St., in downtown Modesto.  Henrietta Sparkman, a local artist is also displaying artwork now through January 2018.  The Gallery is hosting an artist reception on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, from 5-9 pm. For more information contact, or call 209-918-6627.


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